Planning for the future? Invest in buyer insights via Buyer Personas for better results!

Better content means more customers with less marketing. But how to do better content? Answer: Get deep understanding of your buyers!

I find it always astonishing when doing buyer persona interviews how much one can learn from them and how much the understanding of possible marketing activities improves.”  Volker Schnaars, Founder of inbound content marketing consultancy firm KONTEXTB2B

Everyone’s doing content marketing today – over 9 out 10 companies in a recent study

  • “We need more content.”
  • “That’s terrific content.”
  • “How can we make our content more engaging?”
  • “Do you think these six pieces of content are enough?”

With almost everyone doing content marketing, those questions become more important than ever. Don’t take my word for it. Read this article by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute.

The 3 Content Marketing Strategies Your Program is Missing

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There’s only one expert whose opinion really matters – your buyers. Your buyers are the source of ALL insights that clarify decisions and differentiate your content.

Tips from the Experts

In his book Epic Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi dedicated an entire chapter to Buyer Insights “audience personas.” Joe understands the importance of buyer personas. You simply cannot create Epic Content without deep understanding of buyers. You need to align everyone around buyers – making them the center of the universe.

How do you create content that attracts buyers?

The answer lies with being completely clear about what each of your buyers wants to know at each step of their evaluation process.

What happens when you create without the buyer perspective:

  • The marketer builds content using what she knows – her product
  • The product manager wants to highlight the latest and great features
  • Both are aligned about the pain points that the product solves

Sounds like a great piece, right. Sorry, no.

When the buyer picks up your marketing materials, you have less than 30 seconds to convince that buyer that you can help. The only way to do that is to make the buyer the center of the universe.


Making the buyer the center of the universe and gaining insights means buyer personas need to be completed, But who should do them?

  1. Are your people trained in best practices interview techniques?
  2. Do they know how to get approvals?
  3. Do they know how to document the data to power marketing activities and sales enablement?

For most companies, the answer is “No.”

That’s why buyer personas are best left to trained professionals. Find New Customers completed the Buyer Persona Master Class from the Buyer Persona Institute.

Why Buyer Personas Matter

Buyer personas are about every area of marketing, from messaging plus targeting, segmentation, prioritizing marketing investments, and sales enablement. In fact, there’s not one area of marketing that personas won’t dramatically improve.” Adele Revella

To fully understand the value of personas, listen to the top expert, Adele Revella of The Buyer Persona Institute:

The skills required to craft best-practices buyer personas are not trivial. Concepts like the 5 Rings of Insight (The Five Rings of Insight are a trademark of Buyer Persona Institute, Inc.), conducting unstructured interviews, and collating information in a form to feed marketing campaigns and sales enablement programs – is well beyond the skills of in-house personnel.

This is why companies turn to the buyer persona experts at Find New Customers.

Watch The Biggest Mistake in Buyer Personas below:

Can’t I just email out a survey?

“Some may be tempted to take a short cut, trying to get insights from focus groups or surveys. Resist this temptation. This is why:

  • Surveys are useful when you know what the question is.
  • Focus groups can get people to choose the best of three alternatives.

But these techniques can only confirm the best answer from a list of pre-selected options — validating what you already know.

The buyer persona interview process goes deeper to identify the questions you don’t know. It’s the way to get at non-obvious insights that allow you to redefine the competitive playing field.” by Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute

Click the link below and complete the form below to learn about Find New Customers buyer persona services. And we now offer a free buyer persona grading service. Send us your personas and we will grade them and return them.

I want to learn more about the Buyer Persona Service at Find New Customers.

For additional reading, check out the information below on why surveys don’t work and the benefits of Buyer Personas:

Surveys don’t tell me anything I didn’t know

To learn more about Buyer Persona Services from Find New Customers, set up your free 15 minute call on our home page.

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