Mintigo retained the blogging and world-class network of Find New Customers to help them promote their new products to new audiences.  They are a marketing software firm based in San Francisco and we are delighted to work with them.


Servpro hired the President of Find New Customers, Jeff Ogden, to deliver a keynote speech on marketing at their big company meeting at Foxwoods. The budget was lost, so we were unable to renew it. been advertising on ESPN recently. Here’s my keynote speaking page.




Protegity hired Find New Customers to help them develop and implement a world-class marketing program, including lead nurturing and scoring, as well as their first e-book. They are also a Marketo client and they make security software.



Comodo hired Find New Customers to deploy the SCORE demand generation program, but as it turned out, a small single product company did not need the power of SCORE, unless they had top level commitment. They did not have that.

You can set up a free 15 minute call with the award winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden with a quick visit to Find New Customers.

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