If you need a fun and dynamic keynote speaker for your meeting, please  consider Jeffrey L. Ogden for this important role. To content him, just fill out the form below.

He’s a keynote speaker on marketing, sales and social media  – who’d be a dynamite presenter at your next marketing conference, including events KeynoteSpeakersuch as


Marketo Marketing Nation Summit,

2014 Global BMA Conference

Sirius Decisions Summit. and the

High Five Conference run by my good friend, Stan Phelps.

In this video, I ask you  “Are you ready to become a respected speaker? If so, let’s do it now.”

If you’re looking for a great keynote speakers for your next big company meeting, just send  an email to  jeff.ogden at findnewcustomers.com or fill out the form below.

I did give a great keynote speech at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, but I now live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and I’m a keynote speaker for Vistige Florida now. ServPro also hired me before my nasty fall and they lost their budget.

Go to the bottom of the page for a sample speaker application and an article on keynote best practices.

Here are some questions for people booking  keynote speakers:

  • Want a marketing keynote speaker who wows your crowd and gets them moving?
  • Who can tell great stories and engage their minds and emotions? Please note that due to a major fall, I am a living medical miracle and that’s one Hell of a story!
  • Who’s a great speaker on stage and gives a kick-ass speech that wows your audience?

Talk to Jeff

How about a keynote speaker who did 2 radio shows entitled”How to Become Famous and Meet Really Cool People?” Who can say no to that kind of offer?

Talk to Jeff

Want the man famous for booking and interviewing awesome guests on Marketing Made Simple TV, such as Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer of GE, Daniel Pink, the New York Times best-selling author, or Guy Kawasaki, who is famous and has about 1.6 million Twitter followers?

Beth Comstock
Beth Comstock

Talk to Jeff

Want to see this great marketing keynote speaker in action? Just visit Find New Customers and set up your FREE 15 minute call with Jeff Ogden.

Keynote Speech delivery I did (sort of)

April  2014 at Foxwoods Resorts and Casino, this keynote speaker was hired to deliver a keynote speech at a BIG company event for a company called Servpro, but due to a major injury due to his fall, his keynote was cancelled.

ServPro lost their conference budget, so we were unable to reschedule the keynote speech with them, but we hope to soon when they get a budget back.

Keynote Speaking Tips used by the very best speakers all over the world. (included in the video at the top)

The more you  personalize your presentation to your audience, the more they will enjoy it!

Here are more tips  for you:

  • Walk away from the podium and use body language in your speech.
  • Tell a great story and engage the audience.
  • Don’t use slides with text – use graphics if needed.
  • Get a coach to record your successions and practice, practice, practice, like I do.

How to learn more about this keynote speaker

For a sample speaker submission, click on Speaker Submission for Jeff Ogden

For additional information, read 10 Tipss to Create a Kick-Ass Keynote Presentation.

To contact Jeff about your next marketing conference, Talk to Jeff

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